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Branding is more than just a logo and tagline. It's about telling the story of who you are, what drives you, and why people should buy from you. It's about saying something more than a brief sales pitch can convey.

Tell your story

To grow your brand, you have to look the part. But who are you? And what story is your brand telling? At the core of it all, a brand is defined by the unique set of experiences it offers customers. To create those experiences and make them stick in the mind, your business needs to go beyond traditional marketing. You need branding.

We specialize in






We can help tell your story in a glance. Create a cohesive vision with a logo, type, colors, and textures that convey your message.

Print Media

Create awareness for your business with flyers, print ads, books, business cards, brochures, and more.


We love to create quirky rastor and vector images that help tell your story. 


Creating merch to advertise your business? We can help. We have created brand specific mugs, tees, pillows and more.

Our work
Our Process


Meeting with you

Meeting virtually, in-person or over email to get to know you, your brand and your goals is an important first step. We take the time to learn (or brainstorm!) what makes your brand unique and what you want to communicate.


Play time!

This is my favorite part, it's full of pure energy! I take all the ideas and vomit them into a document and start playing around. I digitally sketch ideas and start playing with fonts (I swear by this, it really captures the mood of the brand in a quick, focused and minimal way!). When I start to lose steam, I look to see what competitors are doing, and seek inspiration on the internet (Pinterest and Behance are amazing!).


Pause and refine

Next, I take the time to see what is standing out. What clicks. And I refine it. I keep playing until I have 2-3 different ideas that feel right. If the client has a clear cut vision, I chose variations of the same idea. If the client is still looking for inspiration, I pick designs that have really different creative ideas so we can start nailing the direction down! 



At this point, the designs are ready to show you. The more feedback, the better. I take the feedback you give me to create an even more awesome design, and when you're happy, I hand the files off to you.

About Us

Hello, I'm Becca

I'm the owner of Bespoke Creative Studios, and I'm glad you're here!

A few fun facts about me: 

  • I graduated with a degree in Design from Kent State University.

  • I LOVE coffee, cats, hiking, and going to art fairs in my free time


Becca went above and beyond to handle our branding. She always meets our deadlines and delivers great quality. We trust her to handle almost all our graphic design and visual creative work. She is incredibly creative and took a lot of time to protect our company’s name and brand with her designs!

- Daniel



Was looking for a graphic designer to create some business cards and am so glad I connected with Bespoke Creative Studios! Becca completely got my vision and created beautiful designs that went so perfectly with my brand and logo. Would highly recommend and can't wait to work with her on other projects!

- Maurianna



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